Floor Plan

Floor Plan - The Library

5F Chinese Collections Humanities
Foreign Collections
Young Adults
4F Chinese Collections Natural Sciences
Applied Sciences
Social Sciences
Linguistics and Literature
3F Multi-Cultural Services
Multifunctional Classroom
Periodicals &Newspapers
Taiwan Materials
Senior Active Services
Reference Materials
Windows of the World
Atlas & Maps
Audio-Visual Room
2F Digital leisure Center
Digital Arts Center
Video Appreciation
E-Resource Retrieval
International Conference Hall
Information Center for the Visually Impaired And Hearing Impaired
Conference Room(Ⅰ,Ⅱ)
E-Learning Classroom
1F Circulation Desk
Interactive Directory
Self Check-in
Children’s Library
Digital Experience Areas
Breastfeeding Room
B1 Study Room
Parking Lot
B2 Parking Lot
3F、4F、5F Copy Locations

Floor Plan - NLPI-Liming Branch

4F Study Room
Closed Stacks
3F Open Stacks
Staff Office
2F Open Stacks
Internet Services Center
1F Information
Periodicals & Newspaper Room
Children's Room
B1 Lectures & Training Center