Application of Library Card

 Library Card
  1.   Eligibility:
    • R.O.C. citizens are required to present their National ID Card/Driver's License. Applicants without an R.O.C. National ID may use the original copy of the Household Registration Certificate for the application process.
    • Parents or legal guardian of children under 12 years of age without a National ID Cards may apply on behalf of the applicants by presenting their identification (original copy) and the Household Registration Certificate in person.
    • Foreigners, expatriates and PRC citizens wishing to apply are required to present their passport or Alien Residence Certificate (original copy). The longest term of validity is one year; library service will be available with the re-check of your library card and their identification if it's overdue.
    • One may apply for library card on behalf of an applicant with disabilities by presenting his/her own identification, a Letter of Authorization and the Handbook of Disability (original copy) from the applicant.
    • Municipal (district) libraries and schools may apply for a Group Library Card (valid for 12 months) by submitting an official application letter to the NLPI. Group Library Cards may be extended with a submission of application letter upon expiry.
    • Applicants should notify the NLPI regarding any change of their personal information after they have received their Library Card.
  2. Application of library card must be performed by the applicant in person.
    1. If you wish to authorize someone to apply for a Library Card on your behalf, he/she shall present a Letter of Authorization, your National ID Card (original copy) and his/her own identification (original copy). No letter of authorization will be needed if the authorized person is your spouse or lineal relative of yours provided that the original copies of ID of you and the authorized person are presented.
  3. Loss of library card: 
    • If your Library Card is lost, please notify the library immediately, otherwise once the lost Library Card has been wrongly used by others, your borrowing rights will be revoked and you will be held accountable for any penalty or compensation that may occur.
    • A patron is allowed to hold one personal Library Card with his/her own name only. Library Cards are non-transferable. Any person found to have applied more than once, have borrowed, falsely taken or used somebody else's card shall either have all borrowing rights revoked or be legally liable for his or her actions.
    • Group Library Cards are restricted to organization or school. The said organization or school shall be solely responsible for damage as a result of any imprudent or false use of the Group Library Card.
  4. Should you lose your Library Card or should it become damaged, you may apply for a new one provided that all penalties/compensation have been paid in full.
    1. To apply for a new Library Card (if you have lost it), you must present your personal ID (original copy) and pay a NT$ 50 surcharge. If your card is damaged, you may bring it to the library for a replacement without any charge.