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Reading-Brand New Modes of Reading

The NLPI integrates various types of new technology in order to provide large guiding panels, push screens, intelligent bookshelves, and the various types of information kiosks in the library.  It is possible here to find information on library activities, learn what is on various floors, find information on books, get explanations on utilizing the facilities, and inquire about the status of areas which can be reserved.  The library also has also developed various innovative services, thus allowing the library’s functions to continue improving and evolving.

The Lucky books」somatosensorysystem integrates digital art and RFID technology to provide citizens with individualized book recommendation information and create a multimedia wisdom space where information can be accessed from anywhere.   

The children’s story house uses digital picture books with interactive functions.  This creates an atmosphere which integrates the real world and story content, thus allowing children to be immersed in the story’s plot development.

Bopi, the book-transporting robot with the shape of an owl, is the most popular “librarian” in Taiwan.  The NLPI collaborated with the Precision Machinery Research and Development Center to develop this robot. It can carry 40 kilograms of children’s books at the maximum to the Children’s Library at a time, and performs this duty only on weekdays.