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Reading Promotion Service


To increase the citizens’ interest in reading, expand their fields of reading, enrich the people’s basic knowledge, enhance their living quality through building up reading habits, and implement the idea of“Reading is life”, “Reading for all” and“Lifelong education”, the Library has carried out various extension services.


Topic Seminars

Topic seminars of reading provide a variety of selections targeting the versatile demands of the people, which include the four topics of “Traveling around the World”, “Authors Talking about Knowledge and Art”, “Physical and Mental Health” and “Versatile Cultural Features”. The Library has invited experts with practical experience or scholars as lecturers to expand the citizens’ perspective and context, while promoting lifelong education for all.


Mobile Reading

We integrate both mobile reading resources from the nation as well as connecting to more relevant resources, in hopes to become like a second family home and a strong pillar in the service of mobile book carts. This allows remote-areas reading habits to truly take root, and enables the library's services to walk into the life the general public from all regions. We planned to be able to establish a mobile library alliance and exchange platform in 2017, which would provide the latest news of the mobile library, schedule, resource-sharing, educational resources, online applications, and other information platforms. It will present the service scope and contents of all mobile book carts, sharing relevant resources, and exchanging service experiences for the convenience of the general public in looking up mobile library-related events and create a group brand image, allowing the functions of mobile book carts to be fully utilized.