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LP Listening Room

LP Listening Room Appreciation Service

To provide readers with the classic nostalgic cracks when listening to vinyl records, the 2nd floor Multimedia Collection Area of the main library will regularly or irregularly hold themed exhibitions for vinyl records and provide appreciation service at the Library at LP Listening Room (next to Video Appreciation Area).

How to Retrieve vinyl records:

  1. Readers can select vinyl records cases at the display shelf of Multimedia Collection Area and carry out vinyl records retrieval procedure at the 2nd floor counter with their own library card.
  2. The vinyl records collection of the Library can only be used inside the library. Readers can only appreciate and listen to them at the 2nd floor LP Listening Room of the main library. Each record can only be checked out 3 hours each time. If no other reader has reserved that record, the borrower can renew it one more time. Each library card can only check out 8 vinyl records.
  3. After finish using them, please examine and make sure that the vinyl records playback device is still functional. If anything is wretched, users have to compensate according to the Library’s stipulated regulations.

Vinyl records Check-in

Before checking in, please make sure the number of records you have checked out is equivalent to the number of cases (including lyrics, scripts, musical scores and other references) before returning them to the librarian at the 2nd floor counter for confirmation and check-in.