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Literal Translation: The Fragrance of Books Spreads Far and Wide

Literal Translation: The Fragrance of Books Spread

In order to promote the competent authority, the Ministry of Education's, public education policies and the topic of public libraries, relevant professional periodicals are put to publication. We hope to provide the readers and public library staff members a new viewpoint to be reacquainted with libraries through localized, informative, internationalized, and globalized public library data. In addition, we hope to reinforce the general public's understanding and utilization of libraries, in order to grasp the pulses of the world, implement life-long learning, nurture the willingness to read, and create a learning society.

Taiwan Public Library Journal (semiannualy)

Taiwan Public Library Journal

Taiwan Public Library Journal is a academia and practice, referreed and open access journal that provides a forum for people interested in the study of public libraries or library professionals to publish or share their studies or practical experiences centered on public libraries. Academic papers are focused on public library related studies; and practical papers on practical applications, including, but not limited to the topics of: service principles, resource utilization, technical service, spatial planning, reading promotion, professional development, creative marketing, and cross-boundary collaboration.












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Taiwan Public Library Journal (Semiannually)

Study Reports

A Monograph of New Library Opening Commemoration of the National Taichung Library

Honor the Past and Create the Future: A Monograph of New Library Opening Commemoration of the National Taichung Library” keeps a record of the construction and relocation of the new library, and reviews its history over the past 89 years as well as how it has been developing on top of the foundations laid down by the predecessors. At the same time, the Library continues its’ mission to create the future under the witnesses, blessings, and expectations of the Ministration of Education,  colleagues, and users.

Annual Reports

The "National Library of Public Information Annual Report" collects important past annual performances of the library, and keeps a record of the innovations and improvements made in various operations as developmental results.