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British Corner

British Corner

In order to develop multicultural services and facilitate cultural exchanges to service the general public in the central regions, we especially signed a memorandum of agreement with the British Council's Taipei Office to establish the British Corner in our multicultural service area. Via the establishment of partnerships, we collect relevant publications, periodicals, magazine, promote studying abroad, and Britain-related events encompassing the areas of education, examinations, culture, English-learning, tourism, and arts. The objective of the British Corner is to provide Britain-related info, reference, and services in hopes to satisfy the general public's demands for English education, culture, and information, as well as providing the people with a leisure area free of charge. The Corner hopes to implement the National Library's ideals and in the spirit of friendly services, providing the general public with rich and diverse leisure and learning resources.

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Spatial Design

The British Corner adopts a spatial design of British-style with good lighting and bright colors. The furniture with both leisure and reading functions are painted in warm tones. The display cases are meant to display British's cultural art and design works to fully demonstrate Britain's diverse and creative concepts.

Collections and Services

About our Services

  • Lectures and cultural events-We periodically hold lectures, seminars, and British cultural events, encompassing the topics of British culture, studying abroad, education, examinations, English learning, tourism, and arts, enabling the general public to enjoy the diverse knowledge and services of Britain.
  • Books and periodicals-The British Corner collects British studying abroad dictionaries and encyclopedias, and books and periodicals regarding British arts, designs, histories, novels, tourism, and English learning. All materials can be lent out except for audio-visual data.
  • Exhibitions-The British Corner has a display, occasionally used for British design and artwork exhibitions.

Britain-related Websites

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