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Book Conveyor Robot

Book Conveyor Robot BOPI

The Library has its exclusive book conveyor robot named “BOPI” by enthusiastic readers. It was named so with the beginning of the work “book” and the ending of “PI” (Public Information), which all mascots of the Library end with!


"BOPI" was developed by the Library with the Precision Machinery Research & Development Center. Its main task is to convey books with the combination of check-in categorizing system. It can convey the returned children books automatically to the Children’s Library.


This book conveyor robot can automatically detect and judge its surroundings. If it discovers any obstacles ahead of it, it can re-scan and re-organize its route at all time. At the same time, it is also equipped with laser scanner, supersonic wave, collision sensor, and infrared sensor, giving it comprehensive protection. It can also recharge automatically to operate at all time.

(This video was taken before the library was renamed “National Library of Public Information”,speaking language in Chinese)