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Collecting Clothes with Stories - Reading memory stories through clothing

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Each piece of clothing in the wardrobe holds a touching story, an extension of emotions in our lives. The dress worn for the first dance, evoking memories of youthful splendor; the first garment gifted by a child, symbolizing the love and concern of a family; that one outfit prepared for significant moments, representing our confidence and perseverance.Welcome to the Centennial Celebration of the National Library of Public Information and the 2023 Reading Festival themed " Reading Uniquely through Clothes " we are currently collecting 100 pieces of clothing (and accessories) with stories. Does your closet also house a cherished garment that has been treasured for a long time? Quickly come and share with us the poignant stories concealed behind these clothing pieces!
With the rapid advancement of technology, the medium of reading has also evolved from print to digital. As reading mediums are no longer confined to books or paper, the modes of reading are ubiquitous and versatile, allowing any form to become a conduit for reading. In the year 2023, the Taiwan Reading Festival adopts the theme "Reading Uniquely through Clothes," utilizing clothing as a medium to read memory stories. Through clothing, an essential component of our daily lives, the diversity of reading is vividly demonstrated.
"Reading Uniquely through Clothes" is collecting clothes with stories. Currently, we have received three incredibly intriguing story garments. One is a sweater that has been treasured for over 30 years, worn annually. It was a gift from a dear friend during a time of leaving home for a new journey. The second piece is an evening gown. It was meticulously handcrafted over two days from a piece of fabric purchased during a 1996 trip to mainland China, intended for a wedding proposal. Unexpectedly, it was completed just before the 921 earthquake. The third piece is also an evening gown, tailored specifically for a wedding proposal. Although it remained unworn due to circumstances, the wearer's fondness preserved it until the day her grandson's wedding finally allowed it to grace her presence. This grandmother considers the gown a precious treasure and has safeguarded it till now.
Whether it's a dress, pants, a skirt, or even a shawl – as long as it carries a special story, the National Central Library welcomes your contribution. These attires will be curated and exhibited on the first floor of the library's arts and culture gallery. The exhibition will be complemented by relevant literature to create a thematic display, inviting the public to read the layered and joyful stories behind each piece of clothing, much like peeling an onion. This initiative aims to ignite diverse forms of reading experiences. We eagerly encourage you to contribute your cherished garments, joining us in this grand celebration of "Reading Uniquely through Clothes."
Let us collectively engage in the act of reading through clothing. Simultaneously, we hope this event promotes the concept of sustainability, allowing us to contribute to the environment while weaving beautiful memory stories through attire. Submissions will be accepted from now until October 22nd, with the exhibition dates to be announced separately. We also invite all contributors to wear their provided clothing on the December Reading Festival day and participate in a fashion show and showcase event.
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