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Digital Resources Single Sign-On

In 2020, the National Library of Public Information (NLPI) launched the "Digital Resources Single Sign-On" service, utilizing a single sign-on mechanism (SSO) for cross-system identity authentication. This integrated digital resource authentication mechanism allows readers to log in through a single entry point and securely access various digital services of the library. These services include the collection inquiry system, e-Book Online Service platform, reservation and booking management, digital resource portal, digital archive service network, and online audiovisual media center, achieving the goal of unified access to library resources.


Key Features:

  • People can apply for a library borrowing card through the integrated platform using a national identification certificate or by uploading identity proof, significantly simplifying the process and reducing the time required to obtain a library card.
  • Public libraries nationwide have joined the integrated platform service, allowing readers to enjoy a unified digital learning environment with single card access.

Single Sign-On integrated platform supports responsive web design

Single Sign-On integrated platform


Unified Platform supports using Citizen Digital Certificate IC card or uploading identification documents online for authentication.