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Cross-library Check-in

Cross-library check-in service is provided between alliance libraries.

  • Given that the Library is a national public library, besides providing circulation services of its collection, it also bears the responsible to instruct other public libraries throughout the country and serve all citizens of Taiwan to close the urban-rural gap. Besides providing actual collections for retrieving and reading, it has also emphasized the development of “E-book Service” and promoted remote utilization of digital resources. Taking satisfying the demands from different readers of different public library user groups into consideration, the Library does not take part in the cross-library checkout service of affiliated libraries under Taichung Public Library.
  • Currently, this Library provides “Cross-Library Check-in” service with district libraries of Taichung City, providing readers with the selection to check-in at the Library or district libraries. This provides convenience to readers in checking in books. However, Cross-Library Check-in service takes about one to two weeks for books to return to their library.
  • Moreover, starting from Jan. 1, 2013, in order to hasten the circulation rate of the video-audio materials of the Library, prevent lengthy check-in process, and causing reserved readers to wait, the “video-audio material” cross-library check-in service of the Public Library Alliance will no longer be available. For those who have checked out video-audio materials, please check them in at the 2nd floor Multimedia circulation counter of the main library, Liming branch, or Zhongxing branch.

Drive-thru Check-in Service

  • In order to strengthen the convenience of readers and simplify the check-in procedure of people who ride motorcycles and drive cars, the Library cooperates with McDonalds Fuxing 3 Branch in providing “Drive-thru Check-in Service”. With the first drive-thru check-in service in Taiwan, it enhances the service quality and satisfaction rate of the Library.
  • Readers can check-in the collections of the Library (except video-audio materials) at the drive-thru counter of McDonalds Fuxing 3 Branch (No.41, Sec. 3, Fuxing Rd., South Dist., Taichung City) daily from 6AM to 24PM.
  • McDonalds only provides collecting service, while the library will complete the check-in operation on the next day. If you need to checkout library collection, or the books to check-in have wretched, lost, expiry, or any other issues, please come directly to the library for check-in operation.
  • Expiry, compensation, or missing issues will be carried out according to the regulations of the Library.
  • For further information, please inquire the librarians or call 04-2262-5100 EXT 1110.