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Notebook PC Priority Area and Charging Area

In order to ensure the quiet reading rights of readers not using notebook PCs, the Library especially provides Notebook PC Priority Area for readers using notebook PC, tablet PC, e-book reader, and other digital reading devices.

  1. Notebook PC Priority Area has a total of 52 seats from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor of the Library.
  2. To ensure fair usage, please do not occupy the seats for a long time. Librarians will patrol irregularly.
  3. Please take your belongings and valuables with you when leaving your seat. The Library does not bear custodial responsibility.
  4. Charging stations are available near the service counters from 2nd floor to 5th floor for charging notebook PCs, tablet PCs, and mobile phones temporarily. Users can only charge a maximum of 30 minutes each time. Seats are not available at the charging station. Charging services are not available at other areas of the Library and are not open to other electronic devices. Users bear custodial responsibility of their own property at charging stations.

Notebook PC Priority Area Seats

FloorArea Seats
2nd Floor Multimedia Center Window area near the staircase for watching satellite TV.
3rd Floor Multi-Cultural Services Area Staircase window area near Periodicals & Newspapers reading area.
4th Floor Chinese Collections Wooden square table by the window at Applied Science area.
5th Floor Chinese Collections Window area near the staircase of Discussion Rooms.