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New Immigrant Services

New Immigrant Services

In this modern society of frequent international exchanges, globalization has become a major trend in social development. The number of our new immigrants rises every year. When facing with a more multicultural society, we must adapt in the aspects of languages, customs, religions, habits, and culture. Based on group, social, and cultural diversity, a public library shall provide collections and services that conform to the needs of the new immigrants. To promote multicultural exchanges as well as provide multicultural info and services, we hope to highlight multicultural values, care for the reading needs of diverse groups, and provide all foreign and domestic groups with rich leisure and learning resources.

Primary Services

  1. Hold periodic Southeast Asia-related multicultural seminars and lectures with topics covering education, lecture, seminar, thematic exhibitions, and other events to provide professional and diverse information.
  2. Provide the required information, events, and services to satisfy their demands in information and leisure.
  3. Hold occasional Southeast Asia-related cultural exhibitions to provide a comfortable reading atmosphere.


Our collections include books and audio-visual data in the languages from Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Burma. Our selections include ones that would assist foreign spouses in adapting to the life here, such as: spiritual growth, parenting, food, home health care, home design, self-encouragement, language and literature, tourism, and children. Our periodicals and newspaper section on the third floor also provides periodicals and newspapers from various Southeast Asian countries, enabling new immigrants to get in touch with the popular information from their homelands.