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National Public Information Library provides a vast and diverse collection of E-journals, including over 200 types covering finance, technology, language, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, home, arts, parenting, sports, and more. Readers who enjoy reading magazines are welcome to enjoy them effortlessly.
● Please visit "E-Resources System" website for accessing the online database resources of National Library of Public Information.
● Please use National Library of Public Information library card’s account and password to log in "E-Resources System" website, where you can access various resources. (If you have not yet obtained a library card, please click on "Online Application" link.)


Name  Introdution
KONO for Libraries Database

It includes at least 185 publications from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and others, covering a diverse range of mainstream magazines. 90% of them are current issues, and past issues are also available for reading. It features functions such as full-text download, offline reading, keyword search, and push notifications for new issue alerts and magazine collections.
*Log in reader account and password of National Library of Public Information.
*Download "kono Libraries" app for mobile device using.

AEB Walking Library E-journals

It includes popular publications such as "Wealth Invest Weekly," "Let's Talk in English (10-person version)," "Studio Classroom (10-person version)," " Global Views Monthly," "Advanced," " HouseFun," "Interior," "Global Views Monthly Special," "Harvard Business Review," "Smile Quarterly," "Trade Insight Biweekly," "BusinessWeekly," and "Smart." All are the latest issues, presenting the original content of the magazines, and offering search functionality.

Commonwealth Magazine Group Knowledge Base It includes content from magazines such as CommonWealth Magazine, CommonHealth Magazine, Cheers, and CommonWealth Parenting (since their inception), as well as a total of seven knowledge bases including 專刊知識庫, 天下英文, and天下調查中心. The content covers areas such as finance, management, education, health, workplace, and digital technology.
Foreign Magazines Online

It includes 18 popular publications such as Architectural Digest, Cruising World, Photo Review, Dwell, Food Network Magazine, Forbes, Harper's Bazaar, Harvard Business Review, Home & Decor, Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic Magazine, Great Walks, Newsweek, PCWorld, Popular Science, Reader's Digest, TIME Magazine, and Wallpaper. These cover a range of topics including business management, information technology, dining and travel, and design.
*It is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser.

Journals Database (formerly CEPS)

The collection mainly consists of academic journal articles published in Taiwan, supplemented by excellent Chinese and English academic journals from the United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and other countries. The content covers six major fields including humanities, basic and applied sciences, medicine and health sciences, biological agriculture, engineering, and social sciences.

Scientific American Knowledge Base It is the Traditional Chinese edition of Scientific American, featuring Chinese-English parallel content from "Scientific American Magazine" since its inception in 2002. It covers various fields including physics, chemistry, astronomy, life sciences, medicine, ecology, evolution, information technology, electronics, and engineering. It serves as the premier knowledge repository for in-depth learning and data retrieval.