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Agreement description page

To make the most of administrative resources, reply to your recommendations and complaints quickly, please make specific recommendations with respect to your queries, appeals, or city affairs. Suggestions, emotional expression, malicious attack and abuse irrelevant with this agent shall be rejected. DO NOT make complaints by using the email accounts of others without their consents as this may lead to legal liabilities.

To ensure your email accounts are not hacked by others and replies from this agent can be received, please click the "Affirm letter" key for auto delivery by the system. Your mail will be processed at the earliest once affirmed by you. Mails failed to be affirmed will be discarded.

Note: In case you get no acknowledgement mail reply to you by this agent it may be spammed by your free email account including Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Please check your "Spam folder" provided by email service provider.

Private information collected by this page shall be used only by this system and relevant information system service functions in compliance with relevant regulations aimed at securing your privacy. You are also entitled with relevant information privacy granted by regulations.