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American Corner

American Corner

Based on the long-lasting friendship between the US and the people of Taiwan, the National Library of Public Information collaborated with the American Institute in Taiwan to set up the American Corner in 2005. It is the first American Corner in Taiwan. Its mission is to provide a one-stop solution to all American data and cultural needs as both a data center and event locale with multiple services.

Spatial Design

In 2012, in correspondence with the relocation and renovation of the National Library of Public Information, the brand new American Corner adopted the Grand Canyon as its design concept with warm tones. The Grand Canyon-styled display shelves combined the functions of seats, retrieval, bookshelves, and display cases, fully exhibiting America's multi-composite and tolerant founding principles.

Collections and Services

About our Services

  • Books and pamphlets-The Taichung American Corner has a collection of close to 4000 books and pamphlets on American history, literature, novels, government, English education, and tourism. All books and materials can be lent out, except for dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  • E-books and Tablets-Provides two touch-screen computers, almost 60 e-books provided by the US Department of State, AIT virtual tour, and multiple American culture-related Apps. We utilize new technology for the general public to get in touch with more American culture.
  • DVDs and Video-Tapes We have almost 200 multimedia data in various forms. The contents include documentaries from American public TV stations, and introductions to American literature, politics, histories, and tourism.
  • Internet-Our Wi-Fi Internet can be used to connect to the American Corner's website for the latest and accurate relevant English/Chinese information.
  • Video Conference-The American Institute in Taiwan and the National Library of Public Information holds various events over videoconferences to enable the audience to exchange their viewpoints with American professionals on different topics and issues, such as economy, politics, cultures, and current events.
  • Lectures and Cultural Events-The American Corner provides a glimpse of American culture and life via lectures and performances. Another function the Corner serves is to provide a place of discussion and exchanges for groups interested about the US.

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