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Introduction to the digital resource platform developed by NLPI

Our library has developed a diverse collection of high-quality digital learning resources, including e-Book Online Service, Picture Book Database, Digital Art Design Gallery, Online Audio-Visual Media Center, and The Digital Archive of NLPI. These databases aim to promote digital resource services, enrich library collections, encourage student creativity, enhance teaching support resources, and provide the public with high-quality digital reading resources.


e-Book Online Service


Providing year-round, free reading services

  • How to Use the e-Book Online Service
    1. Readers from the National Library of Public Information or Taichung Public Library can log in to borrow e-books directly using their National Library of Public Information borrowing card account and password.
    2. For readers from partner libraries participating in the All-Pass program, they can activate the All-Pass feature to become readers of the National Library of Public Information. They can use their National Library of Public Information borrowing card account and password to log in and borrow e-books.
    3. If not a reader of the National Library of Public Information, Taichung Public Library, or a All-Pass partner library, registration as a member is required to borrow e-books.
    4. Each account is eligible to borrow 8 e-books with a lending period of 14 days.
    5. E-books can be read on various devices, including computers/laptops, as well as mobile devices with iOS and Android systems

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Picture Book Database


This online platform features student-created picture books, locally themed picture books, and award-winning picture books available for online reading. Users can customize their experience by choosing text hiding mode, utilizing audio narration, and enabling Hànyǔ Pīnyīn annotation, according to their preferences. It is suitable for parent-child reading or educational purposes. Some online picture books provide teaching materials and coloring pages, which users can download and use.

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Digital Art Design Gallery


This online platform showcases works created by students from university and college design departments, providing opportunities for online browsing, educational observation, and creative exchange.

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Online Audio-Visual Media Center


This online platform offers over 5,600 authorized audio-visual materials, including recorded videos of lecture events organized by our library. You can enjoy live broadcasts of lectures or watch videos available on the platform through the internet.
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The Digital Archive of NLPI


The Digital Archive of NLPI currently offers 10 thematic categories, including Japanese old books, old newspapers, ancient documents, old photos, ceramic artifacts, local opera records, Hakka artifacts, shadow puppet scripts, major Taiwanese historical events, and museum posters.

The old newspaper database collects 20 titles of newspapers, among which the most precious one is Min Pao (People’s News, 民報), the first privately-owned Chinese newspaper founded by Taiwanese pro-WWII. Another newspaper, the Taiwan Minsheng Daily, was founded on January 1, 1938 and ceased publication in August 1974. It is a regional newspaper in central Taiwan, and the NLPI is the only institution in Taiwan that has the most complete collection of it. It is the best source for querying news events that occurred in central Taiwan.

The Japanese old books database has accumulated over 6,300 digitized books to date. They are various publications published by official and non-official publishers during the Japanese rule of Taiwan. They are valuable materials with important relevance to the study of Taiwanese history.

The "Collection Selection" section of the Digital Archive Service Network provides Chinese introductions to Japanese old books, which can quickly understand the main theme and outline of each book. The "Digital Learning and Entertainment Zone" section provides lively and interesting digital learning materials that can be used in elementary and middle school classes or for after-school programs. They are free for teachers and students to use, without appliance of membership.

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