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Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure:

Director、Deputy Director、Researcher、Associate Researcher、Accounting Office、Personnel Office、General Affairs Office、Branch Service Management Center、Digital Resource Service Section、Multi Culture Service Section、Guidance and Promotion Section、Circulation Section、Knowledge Organization Section、System Information Section、Research and Development Office.

There are 3 branchs(Liming Branch、Jing Wu Branch、Zhongxing Branch) belongin to Branch Service Management Center.

Contact Information

  • Main library Tel: (04)2262-5100 Fax: (04)2262-6260
  • Liming Branch Tel: (04)2251-1722 Fax: (04)2254-8380
  • Zhongxing Branch Tel: (049)231-7071 Fax: (049)235-9431
  • Digital Resource Utilization Services Hotline: (04)2262-5100#123
  • Reference & Inquiry Services Hotline: (04)2262-5100#1150


Please refer to [Location and Opening Hours] for transportation info.