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Dissertation/Theses Competition Fellowship (2015-)

Since 2008, National Library of Public Information (hereinafter referred to as the NLPI) has been sponsoring students pursuing Master’s/Doctoral Degrees in library and information science (LIS) in writing degree papers. Therefore, the fellowship had been in existence for 7 years till 2014, which was strongly oriented to graduates passing research proposals in the aim of helping them successfully complete their degree papers.


For the purpose of the encouragement of more research papers and dissertations in the fields associated with library and information science and the accumulation of more research literatures in LIS, the NLPI thus revised the objectives of the Fellowship in 2015, and encourage Doctors and Masters who have finished writing their degree papers on LIS major and have already passed their degree examinations in universities or colleges in Taiwan within two years before the deadline of application, July 31st every year, to apply for the fellowship.


The application date starts from June 1st every year, and the deadline must be postmarked no later than July 31st in the same year. The currently revised version of the Fellowship is listed as attached at獎助要點.pdf. The full texts of granted dissertation/theses in PDF since 2015 were available at eBook Online Service.


All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.


For general inquiries, please contact the Research & Development Task Group via:

Phone Number: 04-2262-5100 ext. 1032