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Personal Information Collection and Usage Notice

The National Library of Public Information (hereby referred to as the “Library”) provides services in accordance to the R.O.C. Library Act, and makes the following declaration in conformity with the regulations from Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

Purpose of Personal Information Collection

The Library collects your personal information for the implementation resource utilization, service promotion, and relevant operations.

Types of Personal Information Collection

  1. In carrying out its business operations, the Library collects your personal information in the forms of: Chinese/English name, identification number, National ID Card number, telephone number, address, email address, book records, inquiry reference number, and event participation records such as various service applications.
  2. The Library and electronic resource subcontractors will conduct the management and keep records of various Internet services, including IP addresses, browsed websites, files used, time, and other tracking records.

Period, Location, Target, and Forms of Personal Information

  1. The Library has reasonable use of your personal information in Taiwan while the purpose of collection remains valid, or within the maintenance period for the purpose of carrying out its operations.
  2. The various library operations for the purpose of the declaration of personal information collection referred to, include contacting and notifying personnel necessary to carry out the operations.
  3. The Library uses various Internet resource service records to conduct overall data flow, usage behavior research, and value-added applications to improve the website quality. It does not conduct analyses on specific users.

Provision of Personal Information

  1. You can freely choose to provide your personal information or not. However, your refusal to provide your personal information will result in the Library declining to provide its services to you.
  2. Please provide accurate, latest, and complete personal information in accordance with various service requirements. If there are changes in your personal information, please submit an updated request to the Library.
  3. If you willingly provide wrong, expired, incomplete, or misleading information that damages your rights, the Library will not be held responsible for any compensation.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

The Library will do its best to uphold its responsibility in protecting all personal information. However, if your personal information is stolen, leaked, altered, or invaded due to natural disasters incidents, or other force majeure, you will be notified via telephone, email, or website announcements as deemed adequate after the situation is ascertained.

The Right to Use Personal Information of the Subject

Based on the regulations of Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, you have the right to request the Library in exercising the following rights using your personal information kept.

  1. Request for inquiry or inspection.
  2. Request for reproductions and copies.
  3. Request to supplement or update.
  4. Request to stop collecting, processing, utilizing, or request for deletion of personal information. However, the Library has the right to decline the request if the personal information in question is deemed necessary in carrying out the operations of the Library.


If you wish to implement the stated rights, or have any recommendations, please contact us.
Tel.: 04-2262-5100 EXT.1013, Library's personal information protection appeal channel is the Research and Development Group.

Revision of Notice

The Library has the right to revise this notice. Upon the revision of the notice, the Library will notify you via the contact information you have provided or in the form of public announcements on our website. If you do not submit any objections, or if you continue using our relevant services, it will be deemed that you have agreed to the revised contents.




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