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Information Center for the Visually and Hearing Impaired

In order to provide services for the visually disabled group, an “Information Center for the Visually and Hearing Impaired” was established at the 2nd floor of the main library. The Library has purchased computers and related assistive devices for visually disabled readers, added audio books, braille books, ordinary books with braille and other collections, and built a barrier-free space and environment. We welcome visually disabled readers to enjoy “reading” at the Library or call the hotline for librarians to check out collections and mail them to your place free.


Hotline for visually Impaired readers checking out library collections: 04-22625100 EXT 888.

Related space planning is as the following

  1. Audio book and Braille book collection and reading area: Collections are only for visually impaired readers to check out, with a maximum of 15 books for 30 days. Checkout service is not available when the book has not been checked in, the book and any part of its enclosed items were expired, the reader has not paid their overdue fee, the reader’s period of suspension is not over yet, or the book has been booked.
  2. Computer resources: This includes 6 computers for visually impaired people, 2 braille typewriters, 1 braille printer, and 1 video magnifier. They are open for application during the opening hours of the library. Each user can use for a maximum of 3 hours and have to re-apply when wanting to use the aforementioned devices again.
  3. Audio book recording room: 2 rooms are available for recording audio books.
  4. Visually impaired assistive device exhibition window: Includes folded staffs, braille globe, braille learning panel, and Chinese checkers, Gomoku, and playing cards for visually impaired.
  5. Multifunctional workshop: It is used to hold various visually or hearing impaired activities and for internal meetings.
  6. As for other related regulations, please refer to the “Guidelines for Using the Information Center for the Visually and Hearing Impaired of National Library of Public Information Key Points”.