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Digital Art Center

The Digital Art Center is located at the 2nd floor of the main library, which provides an exhibition venue for illustrated book creation, art designing works, a place for exhibition creation, and a place to demonstrate R&D progress. It enables citizens to keep in touch with outstanding works to promote aesthetics education in their daily life.


In its beginning, the exhibitions were mainly composed of the “Designer’s Hands”, “Dream Fulfilling Illustrated Books” and “Movie and Literature” databases, which provides an exhibition venue for the illustrated book creation of junior and senior high school students and students works majoring in designing from universities.


In order to revitalize the space and to display the cooperative collection progress of the Library with the designing departments of various universities on virtual platforms so that citizens can keep in touch with outstanding works, the Library has proposed various cooperation projects with several designing related schools and colleges. A 2-year cooperative exhibition was implemented with the College of Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology starting from December 2013 and starting from late December 2015, exhibition on the excellent student works of the Visual Communication Design Department, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology had taken place.


In 2016, in response to the series of courses on “Library is my Studio” held by the Library, the Library has collected the creation works of participating citizens and put on an actual exhibition to further carry out aesthetics education. Given that the Library signed a 3-year memorandum of cooperation with the National Applied Research Laboratories, the 7 research centers under the affiliation of National Applied Research Laboratories will take turn in holding exhibitions at Digital Art Center of the Library starting from November.