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Information Retrieval Area

The second floor of the main building is equipped with "Information Retrieval Area" for readers over the age of 12, and readers under the age of 12 should go to the Children's Learning Center. This area provides computers for readers to inquire about digital resources or network resources of the library. Functions of the Information retrieval area are set out as follows:

  • Readers are required to make reservations via the Reservation System. Readers who hold the library card for borrowing books from the main library or Taichung Public Library can use the reservation system to reserve their own seats. A reader can only reserve 1 seat for the same period. Reservations can only be made 14 days in advance (However, the reader cannot make any reservation for today if the reader would like to arrive at the library right away). Each reader may use the seat for 2 hours each time and two times each day at most. The computer will show prompts to the reader 10 minutes before time is up. And the system will automatically be logged out when the time is up.

Terms of Use

  • Readers are required to save their own data and bear the risk of network data security. The library is not responsible for any loss of data caused by any reason.
  • Readers shall not have the following acts:


    1. The reader shall not violate relevant laws and regulations on copyright.
    2. The reader shall not destroy the library information equipment or change the computer settings.
    3. The reader shall not affect the network security or the reading order by means of spreading computer viruses or massive data transmission that can lead to network paralysis, online games, chatting, spreading rumors, attacks, invectives, browsing pornographic/violent contents, gambling, committing crimes, and viewing files or web pages that violate the ordinary public order.
    4. The reader shall not download and install software not officially approved by the library.
    5. The reader shall not conduct any form of business.
    6. The reader shall not have behaviors that may adversely affect the public order.
    7. Readers who violates the regulations above will be handled according to the Violator-Handling Key Points.


  • In order to prevent improper behaviors that may impact the network security or the reading order, the library has set up a system for network monitoring and management as well as the video surveillance equipment.

For other related regulations, please see the “Application Notes of Digital Multimedia Audio-Visual Center Key Points”.