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Mini Library

In 2022, the National Library of Public Information (NLPI) launched the "Mini Library" service, located at the side entrance of the library. This service offers 24-hour lending through fully automated borrowing equipment, both hardware and software, extending service hours and reducing virus transmission risks, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of NLPI's services.

The Mini Library's fully automated borrowing system features shelves that can hold 80 books per layer, with each bookshelf accommodating up to 400 books. Readers can view all available books through a transparent display window and select the ones they wish to borrow using the machine interface. This contactless and unmanned service not only reduces contact risks but also extends service hours, providing comprehensive library services.

Key Features:

  • 24-hour lending service available
  • Fully self-service borrowing through RFID technology
  • Equipped with two touch screen kiosks: one for borrowing services and the other for displaying posters and book search functionalities



Caption 1: Contactless and Unmanned Service at the Mini Library

Caption 2: 24-Hour Lending Service Available