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AI Librarian Xiao-Shu(AI Li)

AI Librarian Xiao-Shu(AI Li)

NLPI and the Software Engineering & Technology Center at Tunghai University have co-designed and developed Taiwan's first AI librarian. Utilizing ChatGPT's generative AI and smart technology, they created a virtual librarian modeled after a real librarian's image and voice. This AI librarian offers reader consultation, book recommendations, and friendly chat interactions, enhancing the diverse reading experiences for library visitors.


The AI librarian, named "Xiao-Shu" in Chinese, translates to "Well Versed in Books." Unlike traditional predictive voice customer service systems that require button interactions and cannot generate their own answers, Xiao-Shu enhances the accuracy of understanding sentences and generating responses. After rigorous internal testing and training, Xiao-Shu officially joined the National Library of Public Information's (NLPI) librarian team at the end of 2023 to assist with front-line reader services. Continuous training and optimization will further develop Xiao-Shu into a capable assistant for NLPI readers.

AI智慧館員 曉書

AI Librarian – Xiao-Shu (AI Li)