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About the Director

Director: Liu, Chung-Ching Ph.D.

Current Position:Director, National Library of Public Information


The Curator
  • Director General, Department of Student Affairs and Special Education, Ministry of Education (2013.1.1 - 2016.8.31)

  • Executive Secretary, Gender Equality Education Committee, Ministry of Education

  • Executive Secretary, Inspectorate and Educational Research Committee, Ministry of Education (2012.1.31 - 2012.12.31)

  • Education Inspection, Ministry of Education (2012.1.20 - 2012.1.30)

  • Director, Department of Education, Nantou County Government (2004.8 - 2012.1.19)

  • Principal, Community University of Nantou

  • Director, Nantou Family Education Center

  • Part-time Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, National Taichung University of Education:

  • Lecturer, National Academy of Civil Service

  • Committee Member, County/City Elementary/Junior High School Principle

Selection Committee:

  • Committee Member, National Taichung University of Education Course Committee
  • Committee Member, National Chi Nan University Course Committee
  • Committee Member, Graduate School of Cultural and Educational Management Course Committee, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Elementary School Teacher, Section Chief
  • Employee of the Education Bureau, Education Inspector, Supervisor, Deputy Director, Acting Director, Director


  • Doctor of Education, National Taipei University of Education
  • Achievements:
  • Advocated students counsel in formulating laws; formulated and promulgated on November 12, 2014
  • The department was in charge of "Gender Equality Education Act," awarded with "Outstanding Award" in the 14th Gender Equality Committee Awards of the Executive Yuan
  • Stipulated the "Life Education Promotion Project" for all educational administrations and schools to base their life education promotions upon.
  • Led the relevant emergency assistances, condolences, and follow-ups of "TransAsia Airways Flight 235 Incident", "Throat-slitting Case of a Female Taipei Municipal Wenhua Elementary School Student", and "The 0627 Formosa Fun Coast Dust Water Park Explosion Case." Supervise and hosting of the National Anti-Drug Conference and planned the diverse and lively anti-drug awareness campaign.
  • Conducted the R.O.C. National Day celebration events
  • Supervised trainings, dispatches, the service management for the Substitute Military Service of Education. Awarded with the department's special award in 2013
  • Supervised colleges and universities to establish Special Education Implementation Committees and responsible units
  • Promoted a singular window for college assessment and counseling services.
  • Conducted and did well on operations relating to "Law and Order Conference of the Executive Yuan", and "Drug-Prevent Conference of the Executive Yuan".


  • Model Civil Servant, Ministry of Education
  • Meritorious Staff, post-disaster psychological reconstruction, promoted by the Ministry of Education
  • Meritorious Staff, Practical Arts Education, promoted by the Ministry of Education
  • Outstanding Youth of the Society, Nantou County
  • Model Civil Servant, Nantou County
  • Outstanding Alumni Award, National Taichung University of Education
  • Outstanding Alumni Award, National Taipei University of Education
  • Director, Taiwan Reading and Cultural Foundation; created the first "Philanthropic Library" in Nantou


  • Education inspection and assessment
  • Education operation and management
  • Education policy analysis


  • Education Policy and Management
  • A Study on Elementary School Principle's Educational Inspection, School Professional Development, and Organizational Performance

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