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Language Learning Database


National Library of Public Information provides free learning resources in English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese languages. Teachers, students, working professionals, and anyone interested in language learning are welcome to use them to enhance their language skills.

● Please visit "E-Resources System" website for accessing the online database resources of National Library of Public Information.
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 English and Japanese Learning Database


Database Name Database Description

Studio Classroom - Video Library On Demand

In accordance with the airing and publication schedule of "Let's Talk in English" and "Studio Classroom" television teaching programs and magazines, the channels are updated daily. Various themed channels are also provided, including "On The Go," "Festival English," "East-West Culture," "Travel Picks," and "Everyday English."
WeOnline Interactive Learning Course

It provide online "Interactive Learning Classroom" and offline "My Correspondence Courses" functionalities, featuring courses taught by professional instructors certified with international teaching qualifications such as TESL, TESOL, and TEFL (outlined below).
(1) Certification Exam Preparation Courses: Comprehensive strategies for the New TOEIC 600+, intensive training on IELTS question types, and a series of 29 lessons to enhance TOEFL test-taking skills.
(2) Oral Practice Courses: Courses such as Elementary ESL-A: Everyday English Situations and Intermediate ESL-B: Global Topics in Action.

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New TOEIC Intensive Training Course (Including Supplementary Lessons) The content consists of online tutorial courses for the New TOEIC exam, recorded by renowned instructors. These courses are divided into two levels: Basic and Advanced, and they offer "Test-Taking Strategy Courses" along with a "Practice Test Question Bank," supplemented with eight complete sets of simulated exam questions.
PELAPELA Japanese Language Learning Database It provides a complete 120-lesson Japanese language learning program, covering levels N5 (Beginner Course) to N1 (Advanced Course), encompassing five levels from beginner to advanced.
Easy test - Japanese Proficiency Exam Courses

The course content is divided into N3, N4, and N5 levels, allowing learners to choose courses that suit their proficiency level. Each lesson comes with abundant post-lesson exercises. Additionally, there is an online recording function available to practice speaking Japanese.
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*Speaking practice and role-playing are supported by speech recognition during recording (requires the use of Google Chrome browser).

 Other Language Learning Resources

Database Name Database Description
Painting Memory Method database

It contains language learning modules in multiple languages, allowing learners to practice for language proficiency exams through this learning database, including the following content: Full-Brain Speed Korean Beginner Test, Full-Brain Speed Vietnamese Beginner Test, Full-Brain Speed English Intermediate Test, Advanced Selected Courses in Taiwanese, and Selected Courses in Taiwanese Sign Language.

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*Each class accommodates up to 15 participants concurrently.