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Humanities and the Arts Collection

The library provides a rich online database of humanities and arts
Teachers, students or the public who are interested in art, design, calligraphy, comics are welcome to go online and treasure hunt at any time
● Please refer to the E-Resources System for database resource usage.
● To enter the E-Resources System, please use the NLPI Library card account (ID number) and password to log in. You can then access various resources (if you haven't obtained a borrowing card yet, please click on the online application link).

 Art Database

Name Introduction
Taiwan Academic Classics - LionArt Digital Archive This database is reborn in the form of digital archives, and comprehensively collects the contents of 307 issues of LionArt Monthly from its first issue in 1971 to its final issue in 1996, including 68,000 images, and provides the original layout of the monthly magazine, as well as query links to the Chinese Art Dictionary, Western Art Dictionary, and Taiwan Art Yearbook.
Taiwan Academic Classics - Collection of Calligraphy Steles from Past Dynasties

This database includes oracle bone inscriptions, Qin and Han rubbings, Dunhuang scriptures, tomb epitaphs from the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Tang and Song calligraphy, rare editions from the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, as well as ink rubbings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It comprises over 4,000 classic rubbings, 700 calligraphers, more than 1.4 million character forms and interpretations, and 2.56 million annotations. It is the largest calligraphy database in existence with complete rubbings and interpretations, with each rubbing accompanied by information about its original location.

Old Master Q e-Classroom

It contains all the comic content of Old Master Q for the past 45 years, and provides sections for idioms, themes, allusions, and characters, covering the complete content of Old Master Q at once.

Digital Art Design Gallery This platform establishes a digital audiovisual archive of the excellent digital creations of college and university students over the years, to provide readers with appreciation, browsing, teaching observation and creative exchange, and to promote the development and inheritance of digital creation in Taiwan. Through the establishment of the platform, digital creation can exert its maximum value, and it is expected to become a communication platform for digital design of college and university students in Taiwan.