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National Library of Public Information provides a vast amount of E-newspaper data, including daily real-time updates from "United Daily News" and "Economic Daily News," as well as weekly updates from "好讀周報." It also provides comprehensive news headline index summaries from various newspapers. Readers who enjoy reading newspapers or have a need to search for news information are welcome to enjoy these resources effortlessly.

● Please visit "E-Resources System" website for accessing the online database resources of National Library of Public Information.
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資料庫名稱 內容
Printed Newspaper Database(United Daily News、Economic Daily News、UDN Student Weekly)        

It provides digitized E-newspapers from "United Daily News" and "Economic Daily News" (updated daily at 6 a.m.) as well as"好讀周報" (updated weekly on Mondays). Additionally, readers can access and search through archived full-page newspapers and summaries, which include national and local news, graphics, and advertisements. There is also好讀周報 designed specifically for youth, focusing on reading and writing.

*United Evening News ceased publication starting from June 2nd, 2020.

Taiwan News Smart Web

The news headline index abstracts and partial full-page images of 14 newspapers, including "United Daily News," "United Daily News (Local Editions)," "United Evening News," "Economic Daily News," "Min Sheng Daily," "China Times," "Liberty Times," "Apple Daily," "Keng Sheng Daily News," "China Daily News," and "Commercial Times," covering politics, society, economy, sports, entertainment, and supplements, cater to users with various needs.

Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou & Chinese Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou  It provides nearly 3 million keyword indexes for people, events, time, location, and objects, along with 150,000 full-page images of "Taiwan Daily News (Taiwan nichi nichi shinpo) newspaper" It also offers direct links to over 3 million titles of "Taiwan Daily News newspaper" within the full-page images, allowing readers to access corresponding image content. This enables a more precise, comprehensive, and clear presentation of the original appearance of "Taiwan Daily News newspaper" from a century ago.