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Audiovisual Materials

National Library of Public Information offers parents an exceptionally powerful mobile reading companion, containing a rich and diverse collection of free online audiovisual resources suitable for children's viewing. Quickly bring your children along to watch movies and listen to music online!
• For access to the database resources, please visit the E-Resource System.
• Upon entering the E-Resource System , please log in using your National Library of Public information borrowing account and password to access various resources. (If you have not yet obtained a borrowing card, please click on Library Card Application.)

Video Resource

Database Name Database Description
Database of HiKids Digital Education

Educationally meaningful children's educational animated videos suitable for children aged 3-10, including three main themes: "Moral Story House," "Classical Masters," and "Nature Science is Fun."

Foodman Audiovisual Database A total of 26 episodes of 3D animated films suitable for children's viewing are included, covering six major themes: food safety, character education, environmental education, health and hygiene, science education, and life education. These videos balance entertainment and education, allowing children to learn practical knowledge and achieve the goal of combining education with entertainment.

Online Audio-Visual Media Center

With over 5,600 audiovisual materials available, users can instantly watch or select on-demand content through the browser connection to this database, including live lectures and selected video programs.
●When logging in from outside the library, users may need to enter a secondary account password (the first time will redirect to the library's internal IP, then login can proceed).
Please log in using your National Library of Public Information account and password.

EZ Movie

The EZ Movie includes mainstream movies and educational audiovisual content, making it Taiwan's largest audiovisual OTT broadcasting platform. This year, 150 films have been ordered, allowing users to intuitively select and enjoy various types of digital audiovisual content through the internet, including titles from well-known film companies such as Disney, Sony, WB, MARVEL, and PIXAR. Topics covered include gender equality, family and parenting, environmental protection, human rights and the rule of law, career and workplace, and life education.
The platform's videos are for public broadcasting purposes and can be publicly screened within the National library of Public Information for non-commercial use. Broadcasting and rebroadcasting through this platform are not permitted.