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Movie collection

The library provides a rich and diverse collection of movie resources, including cartoons, nature, science, healthcare, art, drama, movies, and lectures, with more than 5,000 audiovisual materials. Readers who like to watch movies are welcome to enjoy online resources at home.
● Please refer to the E-Resources System for database resource usage.
● To enter the E-Resources System, please use the NLPI Library card account (ID number) and password to log in. You can then access various resources (if you haven't obtained a borrowing card yet, please click on the online application link).


Name Introduction
Online Audio-Visual Media Center (VOD)

It provides over 5,600 licensed audiovisual materials and lectures from this library. Users can watch live lectures and selected audiovisual programs through the Internet, either in real time or on demand, according to personal preferences.
* If you log in outside the library, you need to enter your account and password twice (the first time you will be redirected to the library’s IP and then log in to use it)
* Please log in with your NLPI library card account (ID number) and password.

New Media E

It provides about 150 videos, including mainstream movies and educational audiovisual content. Users can intuitively choose to enjoy various types of digital public broadcasting audiovisuals through the Internet, including well-known film companies such as Disney, Sony, WB, MARVEL, PIXAR, etc., covering topics such as gender equality, family and parenting, environmental ecology, human rights and rule of law, career and workplace, life education, etc.