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iLib Guider APP

The iLib Guider app, launched in 2018, has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the "Top 100 Innovative Products of Information Month 2018 - Digital Government Category" and the "2021 Future Technology Award."


The iLib Guider app integrates mobile services with geographic information, making it the first nationwide self-service solution for searching, guiding, retrieving, and borrowing books in library. Developed based on the information-seeking behavior of "finding books" in library spaces, it combines indoor positioning and mobile navigation to offer a comprehensive mobile library service. This includes searching the collection, guiding book searches, and self-service borrowing using Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), as well as services like book reservation notifications, overdue notifications, thematic tours, activity missions, and message push notifications.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the app facilitated a fully contactless self-service experience through digital transformation. Starting in 2022, its coverage expanded to integrate iSpace smart space services, allowing users not only to register for using study room seats, discussion rooms, and other diverse spaces through the app, but also to control access, audio-visual equipment, lighting, curtains, and electrically controlled glass. The app also integrates Internet of Things (IoT) applications, such as RFID smart bookshelves and electronic tags in the self-service reservation and retrieval area. Additionally, the book search method supports AR guidance with a 3D mascot, providing an enhanced user experience through technology.

iLib Guider 零接觸借閱服務

iLib Guider Contactless Borrowing Service


立即下載,iLib Guider是您借書的好幫手

Download immediately, iLib Guider is your best tool for borrowing books.

iLib Guider榮獲「107年資訊月百大創新產品-數位政府類」獎項

iLib Guider won the 'The R.O.C ICT Month - Digital Government Category' award at the 2018 Information Month.