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Wi-Fi for iOS(Apple device)

Starting from 2006, free Wi-Fi service is available at the reader service areas of all floors. Readers can apply with their library card number and enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi service. Starting from 2011, the free Wi-Fi service of iTaiwan, which is available at tall central governmental offices, is also available at the Library, enabling readers without the library card to access online.

  1. Activate the Wi-Fi function of iPhone or iPad and press “Settings”.
  2. Click “Wi-Fi” to access Wi-Fi.
  3. Select the Wi-Fi hotspot named “NLPI” under the numerous hotspots names listed under the “Wi-Fi” page. You can access the system and digital resources of the Library provided.
  4. If you want to access external websites, please open your browser first. In your first access, the “Reader Wi-Fi Verification” screen will appear. Please enter your ID card number and password. If you forgot your password, please log on to the personal account sign in screen of the Library’s Online Public Access Catalogue ( and click “Forgot Password” (only for readers who have registered their e-mail) to receive or change into new password. You can also refer to librarians of all counters to further assistance.
  5. After being verified, you will reach the home page of the Library first before logging on to the websites you prefer. If readers fail to pass the verification, they can only access the website and database of the Library.


For issues regarding Wi-Fi setting, please contact the System Information Divines of the Library. Telephone: 04-22625100 EXT 1607; E-mail:

 圖1 啟動Apple智慧型手機/平板無線網路功能: 按[設定]
圖2 點選 [Wi-Fi] 開啟無線網路
圖3 選擇名為「NLPI」的無線熱點,至此可存取館內提供之系統及數位資源
圖4 請輸入您的身分證號及密碼
圖5 通過認證後輸入您常上的網站使用