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Self Checkout and Check-in

The Library welcomes readers in using its self checkout and check-in systems. Readers can also refer to circulation counters for librarians to carry out checkout and check-in operations.

Self Checkout Machine

Both the main library and all branch libraries have Self Checkout Machines for readers to operate on their own. Readers can also use Self Checkout Machines to look up their personal records. This saves waiting time in lines that is fast and convenient.


Self Check-in Box and Categorizing System

  1. The Self Check-in Box is available at 1F of the main library to provide readers with convenient self check-in service. It is a transparent space with glass windows so that readers can how the largest automatic categorizing system of all public libraries in Taiwan operates.
  2. This facility is only available for instant check-in of the books from the main library and branch libraries. If readers need to check-in video-audio materials or books from the Library’s alliance library, please deposit them in the book return manual check-in by librarians. When operating automatic check-in, please deposit the books into the book return one by one and retrieve check-in receipt after completion. 
  3. The automatic book categorizing system will transport books on conveyors to book carts according to their genre and floor. This saves the time for manual categorizing and enables returned books to be back on the shelves faster so that the next reader can use them.
  4. A check-in box is available by the Wuquan S. Road entrance of the main library that provides 24-hour check-in service.


Expiration Notification

After checking out library materials, readers can log on to the Online Public Access Catalogue to look up their personal records. Although the Library also provides supplementary e-mail and text message notification services, communication quality may be affected by the service stability of teleservice carriers and the user’s device using habits and settings. Therefore, the personal records presented at the Online Public Accessing Catalogue prevail over all related notifications. Readers cannot relieve themselves from related expiry or violation responsibilities in the name failing to receive notifications.

Personal Records at OPACE-mail Notification
Text Message Notification
APP Notification (supplementary)
Loan Reminder Notice Due date will be showed in the “Loan List” 3 days, 1day before due date and on the due date  NA Send every day since 3 days before due date
Reminder on the Day after due date The number of overdue will be showed in the “Profile" The next day after due date The next day after due date  The next day after due date
Expired Reminder The number of overdue will be showed in the "Profile" 3rd, 5th, 10th, 20th, 30th and 60th day of expiry NA Send every day after expiry