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Reservation and Self Pick-up

How to Reserve?

  • All books and video-audio materials that are being checked out are available for reservation. Each reader can reserve as many as four materials (including books, video-audio materials and books retrieved). Cross-library reservation and pick-up are only available for the main library and its affiliated branch libraries. Cross-library reservation is not available for alliance libraries. Materials from the micro library are not open to reservation.
  • Readers can reserve online through the Library’s Online Public Access Catalogue ( For further operation procedure, please refer to the “Reservation Operation Procedure” enclosed below.
  • Readers who have overdue materials, are under suspension, or have not paid their fine are not allowed for renewal and reservation.
  • Readers can look up their personal reservation status through the Online Public Access Catalogue or ask librarians in person. After the reserved books have arrived, readers can look up their reservation information at the personal records. Although the Library also provides supplementary e-mail and text message notification services, communication quality may be affected by the service stability of teleservice carriers and the user’s device using habits and settings. Therefore, the information on reserved books presented at the Online Public Access Catalogue prevails over all related notifications. Readers cannot relieve themselves from related responsibilities regarding expirations or violations in the name failing to receive notifications.
Personal Records at OPACE-mail Notification
Text Message Notification
Successful Reservation Displayed at “Reservation Information” NA NA
Reservation Cancelled Displayed at “Reservation History” Send on the next morning NA
Reservation Arrival Notification Displayed at “Pick-up Available” Send on the next morning Send on the day of arrival
Reservation Pick-up Expiry Notification Displayed at “Pick-up Available” Send once on the 5th, 3rd and 1st day before expiry NA
Unpicked Reservation Notification Displayed at “Reservation History Send on the next day of expiry NA
  • Reserved or retrieved materials will be reserved for 7 days after their arrival. During the period of reservation, readers cannot cancel their reservation or change pick-up library. Please possess the library card of the reserved library for pick-up. Readers who did not pick up their reserved materials are considered as abstention and violating rules. Those who have violated rules for three times in the same year will have the right of reservation suspended for 90 days. The 90-day suspension period can be exchanged for NT$1 per day.

Books on Hold Self Pick-up

  • Books on Hold Self Pick-up Area are available by the 1st floor circulation counter of the main library. The purpose of setting up this area is for other readers to browse through the good books other readers have reserved and reduce the time of waiting and queuing. Please do not checkout books displayed at Books on Hold Self Pick-up Area and please do not take away books reserved by others.
  • Reserved Book Self Pick-up Operation Procedure
    1. Books on hold will be arranged according to reservation serial number. Please pick up them according to the reservation serial number on your personal reservation records, e-mail, or text message notifications, and use the Self Checkout Machine to check them out.
    2. If you do not know your reservation serial number, please look up “Personal Records” from the “Self Checkout Machine”.
    3. If you cannot find the books you have reserved, please refer to the librarians at the counter. Librarians will search for the books and notify the reader by telephone for pick-up at the counter.