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Reservation and Self Pick-up

How to Reserve?

All on loan books and video/audio materials are available for reservation.

Each reader’s account can make up to six reservations (including books and video/audio materials).

Cross-library reservation and self pick-up service are only available between the main library and its branch libraries, but not available for alliance libraries(all branch libraries of Taichung Public Library).

  • Readers can reserve online through the Library’s Online Public Access Catalogue. For more details, please refer to the “Book Reservation & Retrieval Request Guideline” below.
  • Your library account will be suspended automatically if you have overdue materials or unpaid fine. You will not be able to renew, reserve and make retrieval request while your account is suspended.
  • You can check your reservation status on your library account profile page. If you experience difficulty signing in, please ask our library staffs for assistance.
  • When your reserved books are ready for pick-up, our reservation system will send you e-mail and text message for notification. In rare cases, weather or other factors could disrupt the signal transmission of the cellular network and affect internet connection. As the result, you might not receive notice from our reservation system, therefore, you should not rely solely on system notification. It is your responsibility to keep tracking the status of reserved books via your library account.
  • In the event of inconsistency between the notice you received and the information displayed on your library account, the information on your library account shall prevail.
Personal Records at OPACE-mail Notification
Text Message Notification


Successful Reservation Displayed at “Hold Requests” NA NA NA
Reservation Cancelled Displayed at “My Reservation Record” Send on the next morning NA NA
Reservation Arrival Notification Displayed at “Requests”, Process Status” On Holdshelf” Send on the next morning Send on the day of arrival Send on the next morning
Reservation Pick-up Expiry Notification Displayed at “Requests”, Process Status“On Holdshelf” Send once on the 5th  and 1st day before expiry NA Send on every morning before expiry
Unpicked Reservation Notification Displayed at “My Reservation Record Send on the next day of expiry NA NA
  • When a reserved or retrieved book is ready for pick-up, it will be held for you at the Self Pick-up Area for up to 7 days. You cannot cancel your reservation or change the pick-up location to a different library when a reserved or retrieved book is ready. A Cross-Library retrieve request can only be cancelled before the requested book is delivered. Please do remember to bring your library card when you come to collect reserved or retrieved materials. If you did not pick up your reserved materials on time, you are considered to have violated the rules of reservation. If you violated the reservation rules for more than three times a year, you will be forbidden to make a new reservation for 90 days. The 90 days suspension period can be shortened by paying fine. For more details, please inquire the library staffs at the circulation desk.


Reserved Book for Self Pick-up Guideline

  • The Self Pick-up Area is on the 1st floor, next to the circulation desk of the main library. The Self Pick-Up Area is a restricted area, therefore, a library card is needed for entry.
  • Please do not take away books reserved by others.
  • Books on Holdshelf will be placed in the order of reservation serial number. When your reserved book is ready for pick-up, the reservation system will issue a serial number to you along with a pick-up notification. After you found the reserved book according to the serial number you received, please use the Checkout Machine to check it out before leaving the Self Pick-Up Area.
  • If you do not know your reservation serial number, you can look it up using the“Reservation Inquiry Machine” next to the entrance.
  • If you cannot find the book you reserved at the Self Pick-Up Area, please ask the librarians at the circulation desk for assistance.