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Video-audio Material Circulation

The “Multimedia Center Information Desk” is available at the 2nd floor of the main library. For those who need to checkout, check-in, and pick up reserved materials, please refer to the librarians at the 2nd floor counter.

Checkout Video-audio Materials

  1. Readers can checkout on their own by using the Self Checkout Machine after selecting the video-audio materials they want to retrieve at the Multimedia area.
  2. All video-audio materials are held within protection cases. For readers who have completed the checkout procedure, please use the unlocking device to unlock the protected case.
  3. Please do not force open video-audio materials if the protection cases were locked. If the retrieved discs/tapes (including protection cases) were wretched due to improper use or artificial reasons during the borrowing period, readers have to compensate for the wretched video-audio materials when checking in.

Check-in Video-audio Materials

When checking in video-audio materials, please confirm whether the discs/tapes are placed within the protection case in prior. Librarians at the 2nd floor counter will open them up to check the contents upon check-in.

Reserved Video-audio Material Pick-up

  1. After notifying readers that the reserved materials have arrived by e-mail or text message, they will be on hold for 7 days. If readers failed to pick up 3 books (items) of their reserved materials within a year, they will be suspended of service for 90 days.
  2. After receiving the message that the reserved material has arrived, please possess the library card of the Library and check them out at the 2nd floor counter within the retention period.