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Compensation for Lost or Damaged Books

Patrons should check on their own whether the materials they have checked out were torn, punctuated, wretched, written, had missing pages, blurred, had fallen pages, became moldy or cut, and actively reporting the aforementioned situation when checking them out. Patrons bear custodial responsibilities and compensation responsibility if the materials were torn, punctuated, wretched, written, had missing pages, blurred, had fallen pages, became moldy or cut during check-in. The compensation of lost or destroyed retrieved materials should follow the following regulations:

  • Purchase the same or newer version of the book to compensate. For audio-video materials, the same authorized edition must be purchased to compensate.
  • Lost books can be compensated by cash. The compensation money would be 2 times of the book’s price in cash. If the price of the book is unknown, the compensation will adhere to the following standards: NT$1 per page for Mandarin books, NT$2 per page for foreign language books, NT$5 per page for paper cover illustrated books, and NT$10 per page for hardcover illustrated books. Books that have less than 100 pages will be regarded as 100 pages and books with unknown pages will be regarded as 300 pages.
  • Video-audio materials and materials for visual and hearing-impaired people can be compensated by cash according to the price documented in the Library’s system. If the cover of the aforementioned material is lost, patrons should compensate for the cover. For home edition video-audio materials, such as DVD, VCD, CD, CD-R, video cassettes, tapes and others, that the Library received for free and have no price, the compensation fee will be NT$500.
  • As for the calculation standard for cash compensation, those priced in New Taiwan Dollar will follow their original price, those priced in basic pricing will be priced 50 times higher than their basic pricing, and those priced in foreign currencies will be priced according to the closing exchange rate of the Central Bank the day before compensation. The compensation money of books will be 2 times their price in cash and the compensation money of video-audio materials and materials for visual and hearing impaired people adheres to their original price.
  • For those with missing or wretched parts, patrons should compensate according to the price of the whole material.
  • For those who have lost or wretched one or more books (items) of the whole set of books or video-audio material and there were no pricing for any individual book (item), the retriever should compensate for the average price for the lost or wretched books (items).
  • Refund is not available for those who have already paid compensation money and received their receipt after losing books and video-audio materials.

※ When collections from other libraries (those from alliance libraries) were lost, please contact those libraries for compensation operation.