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Compensation for Lost or Damaged Books

Readers should double-check the book’s condition before checking it out. If you find a book damaged in the following ways: torn, crumpled, written, doodled, pages lost, blurred, fallen pages, mouldy, stained or water damaged, please report it to our library staffs. If a returned book was found torn, crumpled, written, doodled, pages lost, blurred, fallen pages, mouldy, stained or water damaged, a charge will be made for the damaged.

If you lost or damaged books:

  • You should purchase the same or newer edition of the lost/damaged book for replacement. For audio/video materials, you will need to purchase the same authorized edition to replace the damaged one.
  • If you did not purchase a book for replacement, the library shall demands cash compenstation from you. The amount of the compensation would be the original purchase price of the damaged book, with addition NT$50 administration fee. If there is no record of the original purchase price, the amount of compensation will be calculated by following standards: NT$1 per page for Mandarin books, NT$2 per page for foreign language books, NT$5 per page for paper cover illustrated books, and NT$10 per page for hardcover illustrated books. Books that have less than 100 pages will be regarded as 100 pages and books with unknown pages will be regarded as 300 pages.
  • For video/audio materials and materials for people with hearing or vision loss:
  • If the cover of the material is lost, you will be charged the price for a new cover. If you lost or damaged a donated home edition video/audio material, you still need to compensate the library NT$500 per material.
  • If the material is priced in foreign currencies, you will be charged according to the closing exchange rate of the Central Bank the day before compensation. As for those priced in basic pricing, please ask the librarians at the circulation desk for assistance.
  • If you have lost or damaged one of the books from a book set, you will be charged based on the following formula:
    (purchase price of the book set/number of books per set)+administration fee
  • The same rule applies for lost and damaged video/audio box sets.
  • Please note: Once you paid the compensation and receipt printed, refund will no longer be available.

※ Please contact the main library or our branch libraries (Liming Branch, Zhongxing Branch) for compensation procedures in the event of lost items from our collection.

※ For lost items that are not part of our collection (i.e. from the Taichung Public Library), please contact the various branches of the Taichung Public Library directly for compensation procedures.