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Children's Picture Books

National Library of Public Information provides a powerful mobile reading resource with over 5,000 varieties of children's picture books and storybooks available for free online viewing in both Chinese and English.
Parents and children are welcome to enjoy the pleasure of digital reading together.
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 Children's Picture Books

Database Name Database Description

Picture Book Database

With a focus on "originality - fulfilling the dream of creating a picture book for yourself," this database features student creations, local specialties, and award-winning picture books, totaling over 1,300 varieties. It offers functions such as hidden text, audio narration, and annotated  Hànyǔ Pīnyīn , suitable for parent-child reading or educational purposes. Some picture books provide teaching materials and coloring sheets for download and use. Additionally, it offers animated versions of selected picture books with narration in Chinese, English, Taiwanese Hokkien, or Hakka.

Book Teller

The content brings together selected picture books from renowned publishers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and other places. After adding value through copyright animation by foreign masters, they are paired with music and sound effects to produce popular animated picture books in both Chinese and English, totaling 61 varieties.

The content comprises four categories: Story Hall, Periodical Hall, Learning Hall, and Poetry Hall, totaling 217 picture books. It features interactive functions such as personalized reading lists, viewing reading records, and sharing creations.
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Tumble Book Library

The content primarily consists of lively English picture books, short stories, videos, games, nursery rhymes, Spanish, and French picture books, providing a diverse range of foreign language learning resources. There are approximately 700 picture books available.
Little Kiss

The content covers both the natural and cultural domains, featuring English stories about daily life specifically tailored for children aged 3 and above. Through visual imagery in books, children are immersed in nature, fostering their interest in learning. The narration is recorded by professional English voice actors, making it easy for children to learn English effortlessly.


The content comprises a selection of picture books published over the years by Grimm Press Publisher, featuring masterpieces from different eras and regions, along with world-renowned illustrators from various locations. Together, they present the most touching stories and exquisite illustrations, combined with high-quality audio and rich animation, to perform vibrant reading journeys for children, enriching their lives and spirits. Additionally, the database offers numerous award-winning picture books in English versions recorded by professional foreign teachers from Studio Classroom, totaling approximately 156 books, allowing children to effortlessly learn languages through stories!