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Social Science Collection

The library provides a rich online encyclopedia database of social sciences. Teachers, students, or the public who are interested in history, geography, culture, and monuments are welcome to go online and search for treasures at any time
● Please refer to the E-Resources System for database resource usage.
● To enter the E-Resources System, please use the NLPI Library card account (ID number) and password to log in. You can then access various resources (if you haven't obtained a borrowing card yet, please click on the online application link).

 Social Science



Taiwan Centennial Spatiotemporal Knowledge Base (1895-2000)     Combining Taiwan’s history and geographic information, it collects 19,000 ancient maps of Taiwan’s castles and modern maps of Taiwan, which can be overlaid and compared between the past and the present. It also allows you to view Taiwan’s old photos along with reading the major events of Taiwan from 1895 to 2000.
Taiwan Centennial Portrait GIS Database The Taiwan Centennial Portrait GIS Database contains a collection of 25,000 photographs taken between 1860 and 1945, documenting the diverse facets of Taiwan’s history during the Japanese colonial period. By integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS), these photographs are visually overlaid onto maps from different time periods. The database provides both Chinese and Japanese captions, allowing users to compare the historical and contemporary human geography of Taiwan.
Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Learning Knowledge Base This collection contains information related to the culture, history, language, and geographical environment of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. It covers photos of indigenous peoples’ lives, historical culture, chronology of major events, and is the best way to learn about indigenous culture.
Taiwan Monuments Learning Knowledge Base

It contains precious hand-drawn pictures and historical and realistic photos related to Taiwan’s monuments, presenting the beauty of monument buildings, and allowing for a comprehensive exploration of the monuments.

Taiwan Food Culture Database It contains more than 1,300 dishes from the Manchu Han Imperial Feast and the six major cuisines of north and south China, providing the most complete ingredients and procedures for various dishes. Users can easily search for the dishes they need and link to the color original images.
Online Taiwan History Dictionary (1541-2007) It records the development trajectories of Taiwan’s politics, military, economy, society, education and other fields from prehistoric times to 2003, with more than 4,600 entries, nearly 3 million words, 554 precious historical images and 44 types of charts. It is the best entry key to Taiwan’s history.
Taiwan Contemporary Biography (1946-1990) Collecting more than 80,000 pieces of data from 1946 to 1990, the main collection objects are political figures in Taiwan. Regardless of the disparity in the identity of the figures, people from all walks of life and all places are included without screening.
Taiwan Geography Online Encyclopedia Database Combining text and realistic images, and providing professional geographic illustrations and animations, based on geography and humanities as the knowledge base, establishing thematic and regional characteristics of resource management, can be used as a reference for learning humanities and historical knowledge.
Taiwan Root Search Network It provides comprehensive genealogical research information to assist in understanding individual achievements, family relationships, and the context of societal development, giving genealogical documents a fresh perspective and serving as the best tool for tracing ancestry and academic research.
Storm knowledge

It Includes articles from The Storm Media, The Journalist magazine, and Taiwan Indicators Survey Research, providing online and offline reading experiences.

Republic of China Modern History Database The main focus of the collection is on the figures from various fields in the Republic of China era, supplemented by photos, documents, chronologies and major events. It is hoped that through the historical documents of the Republic of China era, the history of the Republic of China era can be reproduced.