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Special Archive Collection

Old Japanese Publication

More than 23,000 books of old Japanese publications from the Japanese Colonial Era are preserved under constant air conditioning facilities. These are various publications published by the government and private publishers during the Japanese Colonial Era, including books, magazines, and official gazettes, which are mostly out of print now. The contents of these old publications present the colonial policies and systems of the government during the Japanese Colonial Era. They not only are references to the overall historical development and individual historical incidents during the Japanese Colonial Era, but are also precious literatures in understanding the political, economic, and social changes of the era. These publications have high research values and are not available for checkout.

Government Publications

Selected by the Research, Development, and Evaluation Committee, the Library has a complete collection of all government publications and provides retrieving, reference and cross-library cooperation services to the readers. Government publications contain a variety of contents and are collected at the reading area of each floor according to their category and classification. However, government gazettes, court verdict compilations, administration records, almanacs, monthly newsletters, and serial publications are collected at special areas that are only available for reference and retrieving (not open for checkout). As for other government publications, they are open for retrieving and checkout at the reading area of each floor.

Court Verdict Compilations

Includes the verdict compilation of the Supreme Court, Taiwan High Court (and its branches), District Courts, adjudication of the Administrative Courts, Judicial Yuan interpretations, legal precedents of the Supreme Court, meeting minutes of the Supreme Court, amendment on the Criminal Law (general provisions and specific offenses), reasons for extraordinary appeal, digest of cases, and others.

Literatures Related to Taiwan

Includes literatures of Taiwan, Taiwan Province Annals, local annals, The Taiwan Folkways, Taiwan Literature, and various regional periodical magazines.

Thread-bound Books

The Library has a collection of 15,436 handwritten books, published books, and noted books. According to the “Management and Operation Guidelines for Protecting and Preserving Books and Materials of the Library Key Points”, thread-bound books are not open to the public in order to protect them. For readers who need to use them, they can refer to librarians to apply retrieving service.

Master and Doctoral Thesis

Collects graduate school thesis from several universities and colleges as references for readers to write their reports.

Local Gazetteers of China

Includes those of northeastern China, northern China, northwestern China, central China, southern China, western China, and Taiwan.

Provincial Annals of China

Includes those of Jiangnan, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Guangdong, Jifu, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Suiyuan.

Important Reference Collections

Such as Jingyin Wenyuange version of Siku Quanshu, precious copies of Siku Quanshu, Sibu Beiyao, Biographical Collections of Ming (Qing) Dynasty, and archives from Ming and Qing Dynasty.

ADB Archives

Mainly records economic and social activates in the Asian Pacific region. Since January 1994, the Library has become the deposit unit of Asian Development Bank publications and has collected 1,416 copies of books, almanacs, and periodical magazines.

* Collection at the Special Archive Collection Area can only be retrieved in the library and not available for checkout. Copy machines are provided for readers to use them. In addition to that, computers are also available for readers to look up catalogues of library collections, government online resources, and various online databases.