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Natural Science Collection

The library provides a rich online encyclopedia information of natural sciences. Teachers, students, and the public who are interested in natural science popularization are welcome to go online and search at any time.

● Please refer to the E-Resources System for database resource usage.
● To enter the E-Resources System, please use the NLPI Library card account (ID number) and password to log in. You can then access various resources (if you haven't obtained a borrowing card yet, please click on the online application link).

 Natural Science



Scientific American Knowledge Base

《Scientific American》 is the traditional Chinese edition of Scientific American magazine. The ‘Scientific American Knowledge Base’ contains the bilingual content of Scientific American magazine from its inception in 2002 to the present, including physics, chemistry, astronomy, life sciences, medicine, ecology, evolution, information technology, electrical engineering, engineering, etc. It is the best knowledge base for deep learning and data retrieval.
※ If you are using this database for the first time, please click on the ‘Member Area’ in the upper right corner of the database to register as a member.
※ You need to log in to the ‘Member Area’ in the upper right corner of the database to read the full text and use the personalized functions.

National Geographic Virtual library

It contains magazine content from its inception in 1888 to the present, and provides a search function. The content covers culture, global events, natural sciences, technology, environmental aspects and other information, providing comprehensive, timely articles and legendary photos.

Database of HiKids Digital Education

Educational children’s teaching animation videos suitable for children aged 3-10, including three themes: ‘Natural Science is Fun’, ‘Moral Story House’, and ‘Classical Masters’.

Insect Illustrated Encyclopedia A collection of ecological images and texts of common insects in Taiwan, providing full-text search, ecological search, Chinese scientific name search, English scientific name search, phonetic search, stroke search and other six search methods, allowing users to further explore the insect world.
Newtonkids Digital Museum The content covers videos of different fields such as animals, plants, natural ecology, history, folklore, and humanities, which help Taiwanese children and teenagers to further understand their hometown and the universe through videos.
Taiwan Nature Encyclopedia Audiovisual Collection - Amphibians and Reptiles 

The Taiwan Amphibians and Reptiles Learning Knowledge Base contains abundant information about amphibians and reptiles in Taiwan. It covers common species, endemic species, and conservation-related details such as ecological introductions, behavioral patterns, and fascinating aspects of their lives.

Taiwan Fern e-Learning Knowledge 

This collection is adapted from the bestselling books “Introduction to Ferns” and “Fern Field Guide,” as well as “Fern Field Guide 2” by Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd, Taiwan. It includes information on 600 common fern species found in Taiwan, spanning 34 families. The database also features 2,000 precious ecological photos, allowing users to observe Taiwan’s ferns from various angles.

Taiwan Fish e-Learning The Taiwan Fish e-Learning Database contains information on 688 common fish species in Taiwan, along with over 1,700 precious ecological photos, hand-drawn illustrations, and exquisite specimen images. Users can easily explore the identification features, habitats, and distribution of various fish species through the search function.
airiti Nature It offers three natural themes: butterflies, trees, and geology. It provides in-depth information on the characteristics, habitats, appearance, and ecological status of various natural entities. This database serves as a diverse and comprehensive field guide.