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Collection & Reading Area

  • Retrievable books are main located at the 4th floor and 5thfloor Collection & Reading Areas of the main library (children books are located at the 1stfloor Children’s Library).
  • 4thFloor Reading Area: Natural science (class 3), applied science (class 4), social science (class 5) and literature (class 8).
  • 5thFloor Reading Area: Young adults’ area: comic books and common young adult books, arts (class 9), literature and culture: general works (class 0), philosophy (class 1), religion (class 2), Chinese history and geography (class 6), world history and geography (class 7), and Foreign Collections: Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Burmese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean, English, and other languages.
  • Books with fewer usages are located at Intensive Shelves. Readers can look them up and retrieve them online(Library Catalogue).
  • About 800 seats are available at the 4thfloor and 5th floor reading area.
  • Book Searching Service: For readers who cannot find the books, please contact the 5thfloor librarians for assistance.
  • Café: Cafés are available at each floor of the main library for those who need to eat or drink. Eating and drinking are prohibited at other reading spaces.