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Area of Audio-Visual Appreciation

“Area of Audio-Visual Appreciation” which is divided into the audio-visual area for individuals, the audio-visual area for doubles, and the audio-visual area for groups is set up on the second floor in the central library. There are 39 seats in the audio-visual area for individuals, 16 ones in the audio-visual area for doubles, and 6 seats in the audio-visual area for groups, providing readers to watch the audio-visual holdings of the public playing version in our library.

  • Readers have to register for use via “Reservation System”. Readers with library cards from our library or the public library union can directly register for the reservation by themselves in “Reservation System” which the seats will be arranged automatically. Each person can only reserve one seat in the same time-slot, and the reservation is opened 14 days ago (except the same day).
  • The borrowing time is two hours and half each time, and twice at most each day.
  • The limit of borrowing seats:
    1. Seats of watching for individuals: Only for individuals.
    2. Seats of watching for doubles: Two people can only bring two library cards to register for use at most at the same time.
    3. Seats of watching for groups: Groups consisted of 3 to 6 people at most can register for use with 3 library cards at the same time.

For other related regulations, please see “Application Notes of Digital Multimedia Audio-Visual Center Key Points”.