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Centennial Celebration of the NLPI Birthday Party - Spectacular Events

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The National Library of Public Information, the NLPI, proudly presents its centennial celebration, starting on May 13th! Since its establishment during the Japanese colonial period in 1923, the NLPI has witnessed the passage of a century, experiencing the transformation of eras from print to digital and now into the age of intelligence. It has played a significant role throughout each era, becoming one of Taiwan's most important public libraries. Over the past hundred years, the NLPI has remained dedicated to its mission of serving the people, continuously evolving and innovating to provide the public with the highest quality information and knowledge services, ensuring easy access to information anytime, anywhere.
Director Hsiang Ping Ma expressed, "The NLPI has always been committed to providing the best information and knowledge services while creating a serene, welcoming space for learning and knowledge. It has become the third space in people's lives. Through the centennial celebration, we hope to showcase the NLPI's value and cultural heritage to everyone and continue to deliver even better services and experiences."
To commemorate its centennial anniversary, the NLPI has launched a series of exciting activities, inviting the public to witness its century-long journey. It includes the introduction of unique commemorative items such as the "Limited Edition Centennial Library Card" and the "Centennial Edition Library Stamp." Furthermore, a special event called "Let Books Go Home - Limited Time Fine-Free Return Activity" has been initiated to encourage readers to return overdue items. An exhibition commemorating the centennial anniversary, titled "The Library Inside the Circle - Taichung State Library," has been organized on the third floor of the main building, providing an opportunity for the public to explore the development and transformations of modern libraries through the NLPI's collection. Another exhibition, "Dream of Centennial Picture Books - Dream Picture Book Special Exhibition," showcases the creation of paper-based picture books, offering an enchanting reading experience for both adults and children. Additionally, the first-floor lobby presents the "Stationery Island Adventure" special exhibition, featuring interactive activities and amusing photo scenes centered around "stationery," "cultural and creative products," and "design." It also includes the presentation of the valuable stationery collection of renowned stationery collector Shen Changfu, inviting everyone to embark on a secret exploration of Stationery Island.
Moreover, the centennial celebration activities will be held on May 13th, unveiling the NLPI's captivating stories through an array of engaging events. "National Library's Joyful 5th Encounter" and the "Centennial Birthday Exclusive Photo Sticker Activity" will allow book lovers to create unforgettable memories with the NLPI's mascot. The "Career Exploration Activity" at the birthday market will enable participants to experience the integration of the library with society and explore the diverse value of reading as showcased by various social education institutions. Additionally, the "Centennial Peach Good Luck Activity" will invite participants to line up at the transit station in the library lobby, where they can roll the dice, and if the same number appears, they will receive a centennial old-fashioned peach. These celebratory activities, combining a range of reading-related events, will integrate resources from both public and private sectors. Through innovative promotional formats, reading will be seamlessly integrated into various life experiences, captivating public participation, fostering a stronger reading culture, and highlighting the pleasure and significance of reading.
Libraries play a crucial role in the transmission of knowledge and the dissemination of information within human society. In an era where reading prowess is synonymous with competitiveness, public libraries like the NLPI take on the role of leaders, guiding people to explore knowledge, narrowing the digital divide, and promoting a culture of widespread reading. Let us all embrace the charm of knowledge and culture during the centennial celebration and extend our collective well-wishes for the future of the NLPI. We express our gratitude to all the readers, partners, and friends who have supported the National Library of Public Information. Moving forward, we will steadfastly uphold our mission of developing digital reading and providing an enhanced reading experience for the public, contributing to the advancement of society.
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