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iLib Guider APP

NLPI Book Navigator--iLib Guider APP –A Smart Library Service of National Library of Public Information


  National Library of Public Information(NLPI) is a library with the substance of REAL (Reading, Exploring, recreAtion, and Learning), the digital resource cloud center for national public libraries, and a digital public library that combines physical and virtual services. In order to build an indoor positioning navigator environment, and promote innovative services, we provide beacon technology assisted by geographic information, which is Applied to the library information services. An all-around smart service APP has been built and connected to the library online service as well as the mobile services. It provides book navigation and alert services by using beacon sensors, which can detect the users’ position and provide guidance to the location of the bookshelves. The beacon deploys among the Main Library and its two branches, GPS, and Mixed signal modules (which integrate with position technology, including beacon, WiFi, geomagnetic signal, and cell phone gyroscope.) Finally, the iLib Guider APP – a book navigator has been developed. It combines the services of “Mobile Library Card”, “Library Online Catalog Inquiry”, and “Library Collection Navigation” to allow user to use library unimpededly. This brings a whole new experience for searching and navigating the books, as well as the facilities and services in the Library, without help from any librarians, so now they are able to do it on their own. This smart library service won the "2018 I.T. Innovation Elite" product award from Taiwan Information Month. , which is one of the biggest technology exhibition awards in Taiwan. It breaks through traditional ways of looking for books in the library, and will lead to more innovative library services in the future. 

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