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Little Explorers-Sleepover Adventure at the National Library of Public Information

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Staying overnight in a hotel might not be unusual, but spending the night in a library is a truly special experience. To instill motivation in children for learning diverse cultures and languages, as well as to foster a spirit of adventure, exploration, and teamwork, the National Library of Public Information (NLPI) collaborated with the Belgian Office Taipei, the Caves Education, and the Association des Professeurs de Français de Taïwan (APFT). Together, they organized the "Little Explorers – Sleepover Adventure at the National Library of Public Information" event from November 3rd to 4th in year 2023, inviting 40 students and teachers from Taoyuan Municipal Nan-Shi Elementary School, who share a passion for multilingual reading, to experience the beauty of the National Library of Public Information at night and in the early morning.

To offer a unique library experience for the students, the NLPI, in addition to introducing the library, invited Ms. Ouyang Weiting, the Commercial Assistant of the Belgian Office Taipei Wallonia & Brussels Economic and Commercial Section, to give a presentation on "What You Don't Know About Belgium." and guide the children in exploring the multicultural characteristics of Belgium. Additionally, Ms. Dong Guiyue, Vice Chairperson of the APFT, introduced two classic French picture books under the theme "Discovering French Picture Books and French Culture." Through engaging storytelling, she led the children through the wonder of French picture books and immersed them in the atmosphere of diverse cultures. The teachers also prepared bedtime stories, following the concept of Modeled Sustained Silent Reading (MSSR), and told stories to the children in a lively and engaging manner, allowing them to enter the realm of sweet dreams through the power of stories.

This event arranged for the children to engage in multi-sensory learning, from flat to audio-visual, from paper to multimedia, making the overnight activity not just about sleeping among books but also a journey to explore world cultures. Through collaboration and exchange with schools in promoting international cultural education, the NLPI, by incorporating international and domestic corporate resources, is actively promoting multilingual learning. The visit of students and teachers from Nanshi Elementary School not only enhances the collaboration and exchange between public libraries and schools in promoting international cultural education but also serves as a positive example of combining international (Belgium Office Taipei) and domestic educational institutions and enterprises (Caves Education and APFT) to jointly promote multilingual learning.
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