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The 2023 Taiwan Reading Festival kicks off on 12/2 with the theme"Unique for Reading - Read stories with clothes"

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Utilizing "clothing" as a medium for reading, the National Library of Public Information (NLPI) unveils the theme "Unique for Reading" for the 2023 Taiwan Reading Festival, coinciding with the NLPI’s centenary celebration. In line with the festival’s theme, the NLPI has collected a hundred pieces of clothing, each with captivating and emotional stories, weaving together the past, present, and future through the reminiscence of tales and showcasing emotional exchanges through an exhibition.
 Reading is one of the most fundamental ways humans learn, evolving from print to digital with technological advancements. For this theme, the NLPI has collected librarian uniforms from various libraries, curating them with story-infused clothing. This provides the public with an opportunity to explore the reading symbols embedded in librarians' attire and showcases the professionalism of librarians through their uniforms.
 Director Hsiang Ping Ma expressed, "The Taiwan Reading Festival is an annual grand event in the library community. In recent years, it has continuously innovated and adopted interdisciplinary approaches in reading promotion, offering diverse reading experiences to the public. As one of the three national libraries in Taiwan, the NLPI organizes the 'Taiwan Reading Festival' at the end of each year, combining innovative themes with reading methods to stimulate readers' imagination and self-interpretation. This year's festival, themed 'Unique for Reading,' uses the everyday essential item 'clothing' to present the diversity of reading, aiming to increase the public's love for reading. It also seeks to promote sustainable development values and reveal the value of library staff's work through the exhibition of librarian uniforms.
    In addition to the theme exhibition featuring 'clothing with stories and librarian uniforms,' the Taiwan Reading Festival "Unique for Reading" also includes promotions targeting vocational and technical groups. It hosts multiple workshops and lectures in the fashion design category, simultaneously organizing a librarian uniform design competition. The competition invited domestic design talents or students to design librarian attire for the new era, with a top prize of 20,000 NT dollars. A total of 44 submissions were received, and the 1st to 3rd place winners, along with a popularity award, were announced on November 20 and will be presented on December 2.
The main event will take place on December 2 (Saturday) at the NLPI outdoor plaza, featuring opening ceremonies, a fashion show with clothing stories, award presentations for the design competition, lectures, bookstores and publishers, as well as school reading promotion clubs setting up booths to promote reading, a creative market, and other exciting activities. The festival has also invited fashion designer Claudia Wang, known for integrating artistic aesthetics and virtual technology into clothing design, to deliver a lecture titled 'Claudia Wang: Technological Empowerment and Cross-disciplinary Integration in Fashion Brand' in the afternoon of December 2.
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