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"Unveiling 'Journey through the Realm of Reading': NLPI's Reality Game Blends Murder Mystery Game and Interactive Theater for an Adventure in Reading Heroism"

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Have you ever imagined immersing yourself in a virtual martial arts realm within a library? In harmony with the global celebration of World Book Day 2024, the National Library of Public Information (NLPI) is launching a reality game titled "Journey through the Realm of Reading", centered around martial arts. This captivating adventure beckons participants to embrace the roles of heroes within the martial world and delve into the virtual universe of martial arts! By blending murder mystery games with interactive theater, seamlessly weaving together reading literacy and puzzle-solving challenges, players embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the martial arts realm. Guided by storyline prompts, they solve puzzles, accomplish missions, and gradually unveil its hidden secrets.
NLPI invites people to embark on the Journey from April 20th to August 25th. Those who successfully complete the challenges will receive exclusive souvenirs and stand a chance to win prizes such as Nintendo Switches and e-book readers through lucky draws. Furthermore, anyone can explore the four major social education institutions in Taichung City and exchange completed stamp collection missions for exquisite small gifts. We encourage you to accept the “challenges” from AI librarian(曉書), at NLPI! Gather your family and invite friends to NLPI Main Library, and set forth on your journey through the realm of reading, crafting your own heroic adventure in the world of books!
Integration of Reading Literacy and Puzzle-solving
On the morning of April 20th, NLPI hosted a large-scale theater performance, bringing the script scenes to life. Participants chose from three characters in the script to start their gaming experience. Finally, they voted together for their favorite story ending, which was performed in a theatrical manner.
Director Ma Hsiang Ping stated: "This event cleverly combines the origin story of World Book Day with the collection of Orchid Catalogs from the Japanese colonial period, creating a unique experience of martial arts novels. The highlight of this event lies in the fusion of reality games, murder mystery games, and interactive theater. Our aim is to immerse participants in an engaging gaming experience and enhance their reading literacy."
Game Subplot Extending to Four Major Social Education Institutions,and Collect Stamps for Surprises
In addition, the game has expanded its reach to collaborate with nearby social education institutions, including NLPI, the National Taiwan Museum of Comics, the Cultural Heritage Park of the Ministry of Culture, and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Visitors to NLPI can request learning materials and embark on challenges across these four institutions, collecting stamps along the way. Upon completion, participants will receive limited edition exquisite gifts from each institution. The aim is to help participants discover the inseparable connection between reading and puzzle-solving and encourage them to engage more closely with books through gaming.
Reading Coin Exchange, Enhancing Reading Adventure
In celebration of World Book Day 2024, NLPI introduces the Reading Coin Exchange, offering readers a thrilling mining game experience. Each reading session transforms into the beginning of an exciting adventure. Starting from April 17th, borrowing library collections or participating in designated activities will earn readers Reading Coins. These coins, accumulated throughout the year, can be exchanged for NLPI promotional items or exclusive rewards. In this immersive reality game, scripts such as Princess Edition and Murder Mystery Edition require 5 Reading Coins for game exchange, infusing the reading process with excitement and stimulation of an adventure. Through interactive gaming experiences, public engagement is enhanced.
Gather the Whole Family and Share the Joy of Reading
NLPI sincerely invites readers and their families to team up and embark on an unforgettable hero's journey through "Journey through the Realm of Reading", exploring various locations within NLPI. In this immersive game, players not only engage in gaming experience but also encounter scenes from martial arts novels, enabling them to discover their own hero's journey and craft unique life stories! For further details, please visit the official website.
【"Journey through the Realm of Reading" Reality Game Activity Information】
Duration: April 20th to August 25th, 2024 (Closed on national holidays)
Venue: National Library of Public Information Main Library, Floors 1-5(No. 100, Wuquan S. Rd., Taichung City)

➡ Cross-cultural Fantasy: Cleverly combining the origin story of World Book Day with  a collection of Orchid Catalogs from the Japanese colonial period, creating a unique  fusion of martial arts novels.
➡ Gamification Trend: Infusing the gaming enthusiasm of the 3C generation into the reading experience, making it more dynamic and enjoyable!
➡ Immersive Theater: Transitioning from traditional theater to the virtual realm, transforming passive viewing into interactive theatrical experiences.
➡ Murder Mystery Game Scripts: Enhancing reading comprehension through engaging role-playing scenarios, promoting literacy improvement in a unique way.
➡ Reading Lecture Hall: Hosting renowned reading experts for cross-disciplinary discussions in collaboration with online bookstores such as Hyread, TAAZE, Kobo.
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