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E-book Donation

The National Library of Public Information is one of the three national public libraries, as well as a key indicator in the nation's new ten major construction projects. We are entrusted with the task of social education for a public library, not only as a public culture, information, and leisure center, but also providing all disadvantaged groups and people living in remote areas a fair chance for learning. We are also entrusted to guide the other 554 public libraries in the country.


In response to the global trend in digital reading, we have been establishing the nation's first e-book service platform (National Library of Public Information e-Book Online Service) which primarily collects Traditional Chinese e-books since 2008. It allows the general public to obtain Chinese e-books in a free, fair, and convenient manner, reducing the information gap between towns and cities.


In order to continue enriching the e-book service platform, we wish to contribute back to the society via charity events. We invite all corporations and groups to donate Chinese e-books suitable for the general public to light up the hopes for Taiwan!