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E-book Donation

The National Library of Public Information is one of the three national public libraries and a significant component of the country's ten major construction projects. Our role extends beyond that of a public cultural, informational, and recreational center. We are entrusted with the responsibility of social education, ensuring equal learning opportunities for all disadvantaged groups and individuals residing in remote areas. Moreover, we provide guidance and support to the other 554 public libraries across the country.


To respond to the global trend of digital reading, we have established the National Library of Public Information e-Book Online Service, which serves as the nation's first e-book platform. Since 2008, this platform has been dedicated to collecting Traditional Chinese e-books. It offers the general public free, fair, and convenient access to Chinese e-books, effectively bridging the information gap between urban and rural areas.


To further enhance our e-book service platform, we are committed to giving back to society through charitable initiatives. We extend an invitation to all corporations and groups to donate Chinese e-books that are suitable for the general public, igniting hope for Taiwan.