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Guidance and Promotion

For improving the quality of public libraries, NLPI is undertaking the task of planning and guiding more than 540 public libraries nationwide.


Environmental Improvement

Establishing regional guiding teams to assist public libraries in improving their reading environment and upgrading their facilities.


Promotion and Marketing

Coming up with the themes for marketing, in which the public libraries nationwide systematically promote reading, such as holding exhibition tours and providing teaching plans for class visits.


Staff Training

Training courses are offered for public librarians on an annual basis, and are held in different regions. Through lectures, practice and field visits, the course enhance the professional knowledge and skills of public librarians, and develop their new concepts of services.


Statistical System of Public Libraries

The statistical system of public libraries helps the library to understand how nationwide public libraries are working. This helps NLPI make the right decisions in public libraries to improve their services so as to attract users to use public libraries.